Our Wildlife Gardening Booklet has lots of ideas to enhance your space, as well as links to recommended further reading. Below are some additional sources of information that we hope are useful and provide inspiration. This page will continue to be updated, so expect the addition of new resources from time to time.

Please note that all resources on this website are going to be most relevant and useful to people who live in the UK.



The Garden Jungle – Dave Goulson, 2019

Gardening for Bumblebees – Dave Goulson, 2021

Silent Earth: Averting the Insect Apocalypse – Dave Goulson, 2021

For Schools

Nature-Based Learning: Improving Learning and Well-being by Teaching with Nature in Mind – Alexia Barrable, 2022


Insects and Wildflowers

Amphibians and Ponds

Wildlife Gardening

Plants for pollinators:


Sussex University/Goulson Lab

How good are the plants in your garden for wildlife?


Become a ‘Bumbleebee-friendly School‘ with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme – FIT Counts (survey idea)


NatureScot’s pollinator resources

Scientific Papers

Quantifying the attractiveness of garden flowers for pollinators (Rollings and Goulson, 2019)

General Plant Information

Distribution and ecology of native plants –

Growing and uses information on all garden plants –

A starter guide on how and when to collect seed from common native herbs

Larval food plants of butterflies

Larval food plants of moths

Citizen Science

Where to record your wild finds –

Repository of publicly available biodiversity data –