At Millerhill in Midlothian, the local Residents Group got creative with two unique Bee Bed designs, and local children had a sunflower growing competition 


Millerhill Residents Group


The Bee Beds at Millerhill have progressed fantastically in their first year, with thanks to expert planting and watering. The Beds will compliment wider improvements to the park for people and wildlife that are being led by Millerhill Residents Group. 

The Residents Group decided to create a Bee Honeycomb shaped flowerbed in their local park. The park was previously used as a football pitch so only had grass and some boundary trees. 

A honeycomb-shaped bed was filled with plants provided by Repollinate and an L-shaped bed was created for other plants village residents helped grow – the Group asked local children to choose, plant and name their sunflower, then see if they could grow it taller than themselves.

Two adjacent Bee Bed were prepared by community group members, and the Beds were planted with a variety of flowers, including a large number of sunflowers!

“The flowerbeds took some digging out, residents and pets all joined in! All the plants are now in, doing well and seem to be growing by the day.”

Claire, Chairperson of the Millerhill Residents Group

After two months, in August, the Beds had filled out really well, with perennials doing fantastically

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